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Why, hello there! I'm Mardella. 17. Homestead '14. filipino. Blahblahblah. Do people actually read these things? Anyways, welcome to my escape from reality. I'm pretty interesting, take a look around and see what I see. It's easy, my thoughts are simple. xx Live, Laugh, Eat Rice.

Kevin’s reaction to the video that his sons made him for Father’s Day

Everyone’s got better things to do than to hang out with me. I’m boring and no one likes me. Makes sense.

To think I had a chance with you.

…..I never get chances.

Fuck. Why do I always do this to myself?


This is perfection. 

People Who Inspire Me ~ Kevin Richardson

I think that voice that we hear -some people call it a conscience, some people call it your gut, some people call it just plain old common sense- But I think that God gave us that, and if we can listen to it and follow it, it’ll keep us on the right path.
halfmydean said: Ughhh mardi you are not only adorable but you are beautiful inside and out. I know it seems like no one will like you, I think that too sometimes. Every girl thinks that. Believe me you will find that one amazing guy eventually and you'll wonder why you ever doubted it. <3

I don’t know why I never saw this, I guess I’m still a tumblr noob, but this made me smile so much. I’m happy to say that my point of view has slightly changed and I’m not the same Debbie downer all the time. I really wish we could hang out and see each other more often because it’s been forever. I really appreciate your words of wisdom and you’re such an amazing friend, but wait, you already knew that.

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